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Guiding your students into the world of work

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The world of work is changing at an ever-faster pace - new skills, new technology, new jobs - the pathway to career success has never been more complicated for your students.

As you serve a large and diverse student community, who are looking to chart every possible, and many yet unknown, career pathways, how can you best upskill, advise and guide them to make the right decision for their future?

What we offer

Our EvolveCareers Accelerator offers an online learning experience co-created with leading employers who identify key skills and opportunities they need in real-time, along with presenting ways to tackle common challenges faced by young people as they transition between education and work.

We offer a global curriculum co-created with our unique network of employers from India to Indonesia, South Africa to Singapore, USA to the UK, giving students both local and global access to employer needs today. 

Recognizing the endless array of industries your students want to go into, we convene experts, recent grads, and recruiters from industries such as tech, health, banking, fintech, retail, fashion, engineering, smart infrastructure, youth work, social enterprise, and not-for-profit.

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Our learning ecosystem

The EvolveCareers Accelerator is made up of three sections – skill modules, industry pathways and maximising employability.

Skills modules

Learners will be honing five fundamental skills that our network of employers identifies as critical for success in any role or industry. These are the professional and work-ready skills that every graduate needs – Agility, Resilience, Accountability, Confidence, and Purpose.

Industry pathways

The Accelerator delves into five future-focused industries, unveiling the key ingredients for success in each. This equips learners with the skills and mindsets sought after by managers in these fields for their early career talent – Tech, Green Careers, Professional Services, Entrepreneurship, and Law.

Maxmising employability

Your role as educators and university staff is to guide your students in harnessing all their learning and skill development. EvolveCareers will then integrate their development from the Accelerator into their job-seeking journey, encompassing their CVs, cover letters, interviews, LinkedIn profiles, and utilization of generative AI tools. We will empower them to clearly and convincingly demonstrate to potential employers that they possess the skills, mindsets, and strengths employers seek, ensuring they can hit the ground running. 


Skills modules


This module introduces learners to the concepts of Fixed and Growth Mindset. Drawing insights from leaders at EY and PwC, it explores concepts such as the Inner Critic and the Power of Yet, as well as frameworks like GROW. Practical tools focused on decision-making and prioritization are provided, enabling students to view failure and stepping outside of their comfort zones as critical components of learning and growth. 

This module delves into the significance of resilience in the world of work. Featuring insights from leaders at AWS, Schneider Electric, and Estée Lauder, it examines how students can enhance their resilience through a 4-stage model: embracing failure, finding motivation, practicing self-care, and taking action. This equips them to bounce back from adversity and transform challenges into opportunities.

This module emphasizes the importance of taking accountability and ownership in both life and work. With insights from various regions, including the UK, Singapore, Australia, and India, and a focus on recent graduates and early career talent, it offers advice and guidance on how learners can take charge of their employability and maximize available opportunities. They will create individual action plans based on their current employability status, developing the accountability skillset and mindset that managers seek in early career talent.

This module aims to demystify imposter syndrome, helping students recognize that everyone experiences it, and showing them how to turn it into a superpower. Through candid insights from recent graduates in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, as well as input from recruiters and CEOs, learners will focus on their strengths, embrace their unique experiences, and value the voice that questions. Additionally, they will learn an assertive communication model to boost self-confidence, manage self-doubt, and find their voices. 

This module is designed to help students understand their purpose and values, enabling them to set appropriate goals and make informed career decisions that lead to passion and commitment. By using Jungian archetypes, students gain a clear understanding of their motivations, beliefs, and values, which they can then apply to the world of work. This alignment between purpose and career choices and organizations fosters a deep connection to their chosen path and workplaces. 

Industry pathways  


With Tech being one of the most prominent global industries, and consistently topping students' career preferences, our programme sheds light on the personal experiences of four influential leaders in the sector: Ed from Uber, Julia from AWS, and Diana and Iffath from Meta. They unpack their unique career journeys - the skills that have propelled their success, their expectations for early career talent, and strategies to distinguish oneself in the tech world. 

With the rapid and critical growth of the green economy, our curriculum aims to cultivate an appreciation for the vast array of opportunities within this sector. Drawing insights from the world's leading sustainable company, an agri-food tech accelerator, a sustainable coffee enterprise, and a smart infrastructure firm, we demystify the various pathways into the green economy. Furthermore, we focus on the skills that have enabled these leaders to thrive in this environmentally conscious field. 

As some of the largest employers of recent graduates, professional service firms present a highly competitive landscape. We provide an in-depth exploration of the skillsets and mindsets that these firms seek in candidates and offer practical guidance on how to develop and refine these competencies, ensuring your students are well-prepared to hit the ground running in this competitive arena. 

In an era where many young individuals opt to establish their ventures and become founders, entrepreneurship has never been more enticing. However, the journey to entrepreneurial success is undeniably challenging. Our Accelerator offers support in transforming an idea into reality by fostering an Innovator's Mindset, crafting a visionary path, and nurturing leadership skills. Whether your students pursue their path as founders or bring their entrepreneurial prowess to established organizations, we prepare them for success in this dynamic realm. 

The legal industry is undergoing rapid transformation, offering an array of pathways, particularly for individuals from non-legal backgrounds. We guide your students in discovering these accessible routes, illuminating the diverse skills and experiences now sought after by the legal sector. Additionally, we challenge preconceived notions about who belongs in the legal field, enabling your students to critically assess the myriad opportunities available to them. 

Maximising employability


Our Accelerator assists learners in effectively showcasing their learning and development through their digital profiles. They earn digital badges for completing skill modules and industry pathways, and receive practical guidance on incorporating these badges, along with their purpose statement and strengths, into their LinkedIn profiles. This empowers them to present themselves optimally to potential employers, helping employers make informed decisions about who to interview and hire.

Whether your students are currently applying for jobs or internships, or preparing for future opportunities, we provide comprehensive guides on crafting CVs and cover letters that capture attention and set them apart. We emphasize integrating their learning and development from the Accelerator while avoiding common application pitfalls. Additionally, we offer a detailed guide on addressing strengths-based interview questions, using the skills and insights cultivated through the Accelerator to demonstrate practically and clearly to employers that they possess the desired capabilities.

We believe that when used intentionally and ethically, generative AI tools can significantly enhance your students' employability journeys. Our guidance encompasses various aspects of harnessing AI tools, from industry and role research to optimizing CVs and cover letters to match job descriptions, interview preparation, and practice. We provide advice on using these tools effectively and crafting the right prompts while ensuring that your students' authentic voices and experiences remain at the forefront. In today's era of widespread AI tool adoption and integration into the workforce, it is essential to equip your students to collaborate with these tools, integrating this capability into their roles and organizations. 

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said their learning has helped their careers progress


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A game-changing learning experience to complement the classroom

Ecosystem or embedded

Offer your students on-demand access to the whole ecosystem or align modules to your career programme, careers week and industry insight days.

Maximize work experience

Use the content to prepare students for work experience and internships, so they hit the ground running and make the most of the learning and development the work experience provides.

Individual or cohort learning

Offer an individual, personalized approach so students can pick and choose their learning over time. Or be used as a teaching tool for classroom discussion and activities.

Easy to integrate into your ecosystem

Whether hosted on our Learning Management System or built into your learning environment, we will work with you to embed our content into your students learning journey.

Why us?

We are employer led

We co-create our content with leading employers globally to identify the gaps, issues and pain points for early-career talent as they transition into the workforce. This gives us the inside scoop, truly unique insights and access, into the needs of employers at the cutting edge of today and tomorrow.

1,000 employers worked with globally

We walk the journey with our learners 

We know the journey young people go on from education to the world of work – the highs, the lows, the pain points and the aspirations. We design our content to help learners directly and powerfully address these key moments through this transition, giving them new perspectives on the issues that actually matter, and with the biggest impact.

50,000 students and young people we have worked with

We complement the classroom

We build highly specific learning that enriches and enhances the classroom and beyond, never in competition, but always striving to offer fresh and compelling ways of delivering growth and impact.

100+ universities and educational partners such as Harvard, National University of Singapore, University College London and Times Higher Education.

Finalist for Higher Education Digital Learning Product at the Bett Awards.

We are committed to equitable access 

We firmly believe in the importance of equal access to learning, regardless of one's background or circumstances. We aim to eliminate common barriers to participation and ensure that everyone has a fair chance to benefit from our programs.

2018 Winner of the Championing Diversity Award at the PIEoneer Awards 

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