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At EvolveCareers, we are here to inspire you, guide you, and empower you to triumph over the obstacles that lie ahead while you transition from education to the world of work. Together, let's embark on a life-changing adventure that will help shape the course of your career and unlock your true potential.


EvolveCareers Accelerator offers an online learning experience co-created with leading employers who identify key skills and opportunities they need in real time, along with presenting ways to tackle common challenges faced by young people as they transition between education and work. Are you ready to step into your future?

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Our learning ecosystem

The EvolveCareers Accelerator is made up of three sections – skill modules, industry pathways and maximising employability.

Skills modules

You will focus on five core foundational skills that our network of employers say are critical for success in any role or industry: Agility, Resilience, Accountability, Confidence and Purpose.  

Industry pathways

The Accelerator focuses on five future-focused industries and showcases the secrets to success in each so that you are equipped with the skills and mindsets managers in these fields need in their early career talent – these are Tech, Green Careers, Professional Services, Entrepreneurship and Law.

Maxmising employability

You will focus on how you can take your learning and skill development and incorporate it into the job seeking journey. Spanning your CV, cover letters, interviews, LinkedIn profile, and use of generative AI tools – so that you can clearly and powerfully show potential employers you have the skills, mindsets and strengths they are looking for, and you can hit the ground running.  


Skills modules


This module introduces you to the concepts of Fixed and Growth Mindset. Through insights from leaders at EY and PwC, the concepts of the Inner Critic and the Power of Yet, frameworks such as GROW, and practical tools focused on decision-making and prioritization, you will learn to see failure and stepping outside of your comfort zone as the critical components to learning and growth.

This module focuses on how resilience has become one of the most sought-after skills in the world of work. Through insights from leaders at AWS, Schneider Electric and Estée Lauder, we explore how you can enhance your resilience through a 4-stage model – embracing failure, finding your motivation, practicing self-care, and taking action - so that you are equipped to bounce back from adversity and turn challenges into opportunities.

This module focuses on how taking accountability and ownership is such a critical capability in life and work. With insights from across the UK, Singapore, Australia, India, and a focus on recent grads and early career talent, you will get advice and guidance on how to take ownership of your employability and maximize the opportunities around you. You will create individual action plans based upon where you are on your employability journey today, building the accountability skillset and mindset that managers need in their early career talent. 

This module focuses on demystifying imposter syndrome, helping you to recognize that everyone suffers from it, and how you can turn it into a superpower. Through open and honest insights from recent graduates in the UK, South Africa and Australia, as well as recruiters and CEOs, learners will shift their focus to their individual strengths, allowing your unique experience to empower you to be a voice that questions. Finally, using an assertive communication model, you will build your self-confidence, manage self-doubt and find your voice. 

This module is focused on helping you to understand your purpose and values, so that you can set the right goals and make the right career decisions, which will lead you to stick with and love what you do. Through the use of Jungian archetypes, you will get a clear understanding of your motivations, beliefs and values, before applying that to the world of work, so that you build alignment between your purpose and the career choice you make, and organizations you work for.  

Industry pathways  


With Tech being one of the biggest industries globally, and consistently at the top of students' wish lists, we focus on the lived experience of four leaders in the sector – Ed at Uber, Julia at AWS, and Diana and Iffath at Meta. They share their journeys, the skills that have made them successful, what they look for in early career talent, and how to stand out.

With the rapid and critical growth of the green economy, we help you to appreciate the huge diversity of opportunities in this sector. With insights from the world’s most sustainable company, an agri-food tech accelerator, a sustainable coffee company, and a smart infrastructure business, we demystify the pathways into the green economy, as well as focusing on the skills that have helped these leaders to be successful in this field.

As one of the biggest graduate recruiters, professional service firms are hugely competitive to get into. From a Partner, to a Global Learning Leader, to a Learning and Development Executive Director, you will deep dive into the skillsets and mindsets that these firms look for and learn how they can be developed and honed so that you can hit the ground running.

As many young people choose to set up their own ventures and become a Founder, entrepreneurship has never been so hot. But the journey to success for an entrepreneur can be extremely challenging. We support you to turn an idea into a reality – through developing an Innovators Mindset, setting a vision and taking people with you, and developing their capability as a leader. Ultimately, you can continue your Founder pathway, or bring this entrepreneurial skill into an organization.

The legal industry is going through rapid transformation and there have never been so many different pathways into the sector, especially for people from non-law backgrounds. We help you to see how you can open up these pathways, the diversity of skills and experiences the sector is now looking for, and challenge preconceptions of who law is for so that you learn to take a critical eye to the different opportunities available.

Maximising employability


We help you to showcase your learning and development through the Accelerator in your digital profile. You will earn digital badges for each of the skill modules and industry pathways, and you’ll get practical guides on how to bring these badges, your purpose statement and strengths into your LinkedIn profile. This will help you to present yourself to employers in the best possible way, and it will make employers aware of your commitment to learning new skills, particularly when they are making decisions about who to interview and hire.

Whether you are applying for jobs or internships right now, or you are preparing to do so, we provide guides on how to make your CVs and cover letters sing and stand out – all while avoiding common mistakes. It also includes a detailed guide on how you can answer strength-based interview questions using the skills and insights you’ve developed through the Accelerator, demonstrating practically and clearly to employers how you’ve got the skills and capabilities they are looking for.

We believe that when used intentionally and ethically, generative AI tools can be a hugely powerful partner for your employability journey. From researching industries and roles, optimizing CVs and cover letters to align to job descriptions, interview preparation and practice, we provide guidance and advice on how to use these tools and write the right prompts, while always ensuring that your authentic voice and experience is at the core. At this juncture in the widescale adoption and integration of AI tools into the world of work, it’s critical that you are equipped to work in partnership with these tools, bringing that capability into your roles and organizations. 

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Hope Tladi
Student, Stellenbosch University
"As a student looking forward to entering the working world and adding value to it, I used to feel really anxious about the transition. I was more anxious about failing to deliver work at the acceptable standard. However, this course has taught me to look at challenges and obstacles as learning experiences. If I fail when attempting a new task, that does not mean that I am incompetent. It simply means that I need more time learning and understanding the task at hand."

What you will get:

Flexible Learning

Gain access to our modules wherever you are, and at whatever time is right for you with our self-paced dynamic online platform.

Unlock access to Industry Insights

Hear from today’s industry leaders about specific skill sets and values they are seeking in employees.

Develop your skills

We help to identify the exact skill needs and gaps that will give you the best foot forward in your career, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to master them.

Choose your career pathway

We bring together experts and recent graduates who share their personal insights and tips based on their own careers and experiences, ultimately helping you to make more informed choices when it comes to choosing your own career path.

Build confidence and purpose

Our skill-building modules will help to break down feelings of impostor syndrome by equipping you with skills that are aligned to your vision, while also helping you to find your unique voice.

Stand out with employers

You will come away with insights and tools to master the unique skills desired by employers, along with digital evidence of your dedication to learning more and upskilling yourself – a trait that is valued across all industries.

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